La belle et la bête  (1946) dir. Jean Cocteau 

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Joan Crawford and Bette Davis photographed for What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? 1962

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after 8 applications and 3 interviews, i finally got a job today oh my fucking god finally

its a hostess position at a semi-fancy restaurant that does tip share so i’m pretty excited

but seriously any adult out there who thinks its easy to get a job- like…. i was literally just looking for minimum wage jobs to do for a couple months and it felt like no one wanted to hire me (and I DO have job experience from working at my father’s workplace, so i can’t imagine how hard it’d be without)

i just feel like there’s so many older adults out there trying to make the younger generation feel bad about not having jobs when its just so competitive out there and the list of reasons why the system just doesn’t work goes on and on and honestly i’m just so thankful i finally got a job 



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everyone has been criticizing wes anderson’s films for being “all-white” today like uh what

as he’s become a more well-known filmmaker with bigger budgets, he has become more inclusive in his casting decisions. yes, he has a circle of favorites that are mostly white, but think about it- he went to UT and was roommates with the Wilson brothers- its not like he chose them because they were white or something, these are just friends he’s known for years.

Waris Ahluwalia, Tony Revolori, Seu Jorge, Danny Glover, Amara Karan, Lumi Cavazos, etc- ALL are amazing POC actors that i’ve come to know because of their amazing roles in Wes’s films, and i don’t think its fair to say Wes only casts white dudes. not only does he cast these amazing actors, he writes developed characters. having an all-inclusive cast doesn’t mean jackshit to me if you give the poorly written roles to the POCs. meanwhile there are actual films out there lacking any form of diversity and y’all choose to complain about someone who isn’t doing a bad job. 

YES we can ALWAYS use MORE diversity but don’t act like Wes is a problem when there are actual people out there casting Rooney Mara as Tiger Lily 



Kim Novak on the set of “Vertigo”

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Badlands (1973)

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The Grand Budapest Hotel

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i love watching movies with my boyf every weekend :)))

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Steve Buscemi in Parting Glances, 1984

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"The script I’m starting, it’s about flowers. Nobody’s ever done a movie about flowers before. So, so there are no guidelines."

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- Do you never stop asking questions?
- No. Never.
- Yet you get no answers.

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